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"Matt's Article "

I’m not going to sit here and tell you growing up in life that I had to struggle and my mother was figuring how to live meal to meal This is what I won’t do. Everything in life I ever got a did have to work for. I knew I wanted better things in life , the fancy cars , the beautiful wife and the humongous house that was to Big even for my living but my dreams had to start somewhere. 


Basketball was my foundation for life. Is what my escape and my home. The only place that I knew I could break down and become something totally new and reinvented. Forced me to stay in shape to be at the top of my game and kept the girls close enough to see me running back on defense after making a shot. 


Basketball made me feel all of these things at once. There is so much behind the game and we take it as an insult when we are told to shut up and dribble. Because of basketball I have traveled the world and played against all competitions. I have fought endlessly to be great and never give up. A trait that now has been bestowed upon other people looking up to me. Always wanting to be a real model I found myself becoming a role model as the late Great Tupac would say it. This is bigger than me , you anyone. 


Basketball taught me character and taught me discipline from a young age. The sky has been and is the limit for me. I will be able t provide for my family and my families after Will be in a position to do for themselves because of the seeds I plant today. You plant 1 apple seed and you don’t get one apple you get a major surplus of apples to provide for more ahead of time. It’s not about doing for yourself it’s about affecting the world around you. Don’t die and only be known for being nothing to no one. 


My impact now is to do whatever I can to bless whoever I can. Give a man a fish he will eat for a day, teach a man how to fish and he’ll be set for life