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"Matt's Thoughts"

When a Thief comes into your home he/she doesn’t let you know they are there by knocking things over and making noise. They move throughout the night silently to make you think they were never there in the first place. Makes you believe you were stripped of everything and could do nothing about it as they were right under your nose. They could move swiftly throughout your house, besting your security , instincts, and natural values. That right there is power to them .....this is how suicide can creep into someone’s life and before you know it it’s too late.

We are so caught up in living the next day that we forget the present. We never know how far a small gesture can take someone. The feeling of being invisible sucks walking around not knowing if you matter to the ones that have he same 24 hours as you. Fighting all statistics and stereotypes that have been placed upon you from birth and continue to be excerised throughout your potential growth. Being looked at as awkward in a world that forces ppl to remain the same only for you to what to stand out. You matter to someone , you are someone never forget didn’t come this far just to get this far

I lost that in my pursuit of a better life. After graduating college and having one hell of a college basketball career I came to a point in my life where none of that mattered. No one could change my mindset and it scared me. It scares me to even talk about it however I am here for someone. Remember what makes you unique and don’t conform to the likes of this world. There is no purpose in gaining the world if you are going to lose yourself 

My name is Matt Thomas and I am your the Face of “Matt’s Thoughts” welcome to my inner thoughts.

recently I just lost a friend to suicide. I made a video that’ll reach out to every that has dealt with it and will deal with it and most important how I got through it. Can you check it out and share it plz. Because this will save someone’s life.