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I'm Renee. I'm a registered nurse who lives in Delaware. I went through a life altering traumatic event and shut down. I started an IG account just fooling around cuz my kids were so hype over it. I put up a pic and the Internet exploded! So photographers blew up my DM requesting to shoot me. Me being a nurse, I was clueless to how modeling even worked let alone social media! Lol
So I was booked on several shoots and yes that came with scrutiny from Nay-Sayers in DE (women) 'Oh your a model now?", Your butt not big enough to be called 'thick', I been had a shoot with that photog'... So me being a mature grown woman with a BSN, I knew not to screw the photog or pose nude. Plus I wasn't trying to be a runway model, just a promotional model. I guess I would tell all those women who couldn't understand what the big hype around me was/is... Stop porking these men in the entertainment business! The reason I exploded was... Self respect and not being so 'thirsty' for attention that I degrade myself. So being 38 with 4 kids... I had a different thought process in the game. Women where being put up on flyers being called 'special guest host but what that meant was fucking the promoters to get in free... Me- lol 'you gots to pay me hunty' so I made a lot of woman mad that I was getting attention and getting paid to show up and be in VIP. So I started my own brand and now I've had my own internet radio show, a t-shirt line coming out, and I'm producing a talk show which I will also host. I am working on production of a fitness video for Body by Derrick LLC. I've created a brand that showcases small business owners and up and coming talent who stay on their grind, without using sex or Shadie business practices to get ahead. I do my own makeup and style myself. I don't buy new things I just put together what I already have. My style is sex appeal for the real-grown and sexy women who can show flesh and still have class. No raunchy pics. No never bend shy In front of a photog... I makes me shoot better knowing he wants my sexy ass and he's not getting it! Lol
36DD, 27, 34. I want up and coming artist;models to look at me and know that they don't have to sacrifice themselves In order to get ahead.

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